• Family, school and financial issues account for nearly 50% of all high school dropout cases in India.

  • After five years of classes, fewer than 60% children can read a book or do simple arithmetic.

  • India has achieved almost 100% access to school for its children at the primary level, yet has a 40% drop-out rate at the elementary level

The Belong Foundation is a network of volunteers working to create social equity by developing the community through its most inspiring asset: its children


Any organisation is only as good as the quality of the members that make up its structure. Even The Belong Foundation is no exception. Our backbone is the network of volunteers we have managed to build in a short span of time. Understandably, our progress depends on how many more such like-minded individuals come together to work for the cause. Volunteers are required for a wide range of support verticals, such as for teaching, fund raising and other back-end support systems. If you think you have it in you to make a difference and be part of a genuine cause, our doors are always open for you. Just fill in this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.